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Thinking about hosting an event this year?

Virtual summits, in-person experiences, workshops, live events, conferences... The possibilities can be overwhelming! Thankfully, you can ask the Aspens for help figuring out what kind of event is right for you—and how to make the event a part of a profitable strategy.

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“You know I’m all over the place! There’s a grounding feeling with you. You just go above and beyond.”

- Kimberly Costa
Host of the Creative Spark Summit

Why events?

In a post-pandemic world, your followers are craving connection:

  • ​Publications like Healthline and the Psychiatric Times are talking about the damages of “Zoom Fatigue.”
  • ​In-person and hybrid events increased 255% between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022.
  • ​The American Express Meetings & Events Global Forecast predicted that 81% of events in 2022 will “have an in-person element.”

You can give them the connection they crave!

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But can an in-person event be profitable?

Hosting a luxurious retreat is a beautiful dream

Imagine it: Three days in a big beautiful house with an intimate group of your most perfect clients. Meals prepared by a personal chef. Charcuterie boards with snacks and desserts. Cozy spaces for focused work, deep conversations, and introspection. Group sessions designed to take everyone to the next level.

This kind of
life-changing experience might have you cringing at the thought of the bill, but what if I told you this kind of event could not only break even, but be a part of your profitable business strategy?

High Touch doesn’t have to equal High Ticket Prices

you don't have to charge premium prices to make a profit!

  • Change the Way You Think About Making Money Through Your Event
    Jordan would love to help you shift your mindset!
  • ​Learn Ways to go Beyond Breaking Even
    There are plenty of options that don’t involve charging high ticket prices!
  • ​ Make Your Event a Part of a Profitable Business Strategy
    One of the keys to a profitable event is keeping post-event profits in mind!

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Imagine the possibilities!

Endless Options can be overwhelming...

Good news! We have a simple, repeatable process that you can model!

Whether you decide to keep things virtual and focus on a lead-generating summit, or create an unforgettable in-person experience with your most loyal clients, we have processes designed by experts that will cut the overwhelm.

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What if I didn’t just help you discover which kind of event is right for you and your business?

What if I also show you the framework that will make the execution easy?

That’s my goal for you!

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Jordan aspen, efficiency Consultant

i believe big projects don't have to be an emotional roller coaster

Hi! I’m Jordan Aspen and my goal with every single client I work with is to bring peace to their otherwise overwhelming projects.

Big events can equal big emotions for the host and everyone involved. There are the high moments like when people actually start showing up to the event you carefully created. Then there are the lows, like when tickets sales slow or something goes wrong.

Having a proven process is the first step toward a peaceful project, but it’s only the first step.
I’d love to guide you the rest of the way!

You have two options when it comes to Hosting events

and no, I'm not talking about in-person vs. virtual!

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  • The Rollercoaster Experience

    Chances are you’ve experienced the launch rollercoaster, full of ups and downs as you speed through the steps necessary to sell something new. The event hosting rollercoaster is like that—but even bigger!

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  • The Gentle River Experience

    On the other hand, when you have a careful guide to show you how to navigate—and when to get out of the water!—even a waterfall can be a peaceful place free of fear.

Hosting a peaceful event isn’t just possible for you, it can be profitable too!

I'd love to be your guide!

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here's what people are saying about the peace i bring to the event planning process...

jen beck

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Kimberly Costa

“You know I’m all over the place! There’s a grounding feeling with you. You just go above and beyond.”

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Krista Miller

“There's really no ups and downs. It is just all pure gold.”

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jenny golding

“Get off the fence and go for it. They were hands down the best investment that we made in our event.”

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